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Species Name:    Ardisia escallonoides
Common Name:     




Kingdom Phylum/Division: Class: Order: Family: Genus:
Plantae Magnoliophyta Magnoliopsida Primulales Myrsinaceae Ardisia

A common shrub or small tree in hammock and coastal areas, the marlberry, Ardisia escallonoides, fruits irregularly throughout the year.  Photo courtesy of K. Hill, Smithsonian Marine Station.

Fruit detail of Ardisia escallonoides.  When fully ripe, these edible fruits are black.  Photo courtesy of K. Hill, Smithsonian Marine Station.

Species Name:
Ardisia escallonoides Schiede & Deppe ex Schlecht. & Cham.

Common Name:
marlberry, marbleberry, island marlberry

Other Taxonomic Groupings:
Subkingdom : Tracheobionta
Subclass : Dilleniidae

Icacorea paniculata










Report by:  K. Hill, Smithsonian Marine Station
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Page last updated: December 19, 2001