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Species Name:    Chlamydodon spp.
Common Name:                    (none)   



Kingdom Phylum/Division: Class: Order: Family: Genus:
Protista Ciliophora Phyllopharyngea     Chlamydodon

   Image of Chlamydodon spp.  The
   green and orange spheres inside the
   cell are food vacuoles containing
   partially digested algae cells.  Photo
   courtesy of W. Coates, Smithsonian
   Environmental Research Center.

Species Name:
Chlamydodon spp.

Common Name:

Chlamydodon spp. is a ciliated protozoan found in sand environments enriched with organic detritus. 






Report by:  K. Hill, Smithsonian Marine Station
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Page last updated: Feb. 28, 2003