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Figure 1

Figure 2.

Species Name: Climaconeis scalaris (Brébisson) Cox
Common Name: None
Synonymy: None

    Kingdom Phylum/Division Class: Order: Family: Genus:
    Protista Bacillariophyta Bacillariophyceae - - Climaconeis

    Species Description

    The valves are linear to slightly lanceolate with a median inflation. Valve apices are broadly rounded or slightly capitate (Fig. 1, entire valve, LM brightfield). The distal raphe endings terminate before the valve apices (Fig. 2, valve apex, TEM). The transapical striae are parallel throughout the valve length, and in the light microscope, are more easily visible at half the valve length (Fig. 1).

    Valves are reported as 90-200µm long and 8-10µm wide, with 16-22 striae in 10µm, though measurements in the literature (e.g. Hustedt 1931-66, as Navicula scopulorum) list a greater range: 100-400µm long and 8-18µm wide. This species is found either as single cells living on surface sediment, or colonial in mucilaginous tubes. Living cells with chloroplasts were not seen; Reid & Williams (2002) use chloroplast number as a differentiating feature between C. scalaris from C. fasciculata. Most records of its occurrence are from the temperate and subtropical North Atlantic; perhaps related to the distribution of diatom taxonomists. It has been recorded from Florida Bay, and only once in the IRL near Vero Beach. The somewhat confused taxonomy and ultrastructure have been studied by Cox (1979, 1982), Lobban et al. (2012), and Prasad (2000).


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