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Species Name:    Dysteria spp.
Common Name:      (none)



Kingdom Phylum/Division: Class: Order: Family: Genus:
Protista Ciliophora Phyllopharyngea Cyrtophorida Dysteriidae Dysteria

Image of Dysteria spp. showing the ciliated
    ventral surface and the prominent podite 
    visible at the posterior of the cell.  Photo
    courtesy of W. Coates,  Smithsonian
     Environmental Research Center.

Species Name: 
Dysteria spp.  Huxley 1857

Common Name:

Ervilia Dujardin 1841
Aegyria Ehrenberg 1838

Dysteria spp. is generally ovoid in shape with a flattened ventral surface from which the cilia extend.  The dorsal surface is dome-shaped, ribbed  longitudinally, and unciliated.  A large podite is placed posteriorly.  Typically, the right lateral edge of each cell has a cleft.  This genus has a large, central macronucleus and two contractile vacuoles (Carey, 1992).

In the Indian River Lagoon, Dysteria spp. is commonly found on seagrass blades.


Report by:  K. Hill, Smithsonian Marine Station
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Page last updated: March 3,  2003