Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce

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Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce
701 Seaway Drive
Fort Pierce, Florida 34949 USA
phone: 772-462-6220
fax: 772-461-8154

Administrator: Dr. Valerie Paul, 772-462-0982

Smithsonian Marine Station staff share a common mailing address and fax number.
Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Time.
Email addresses are or

Resident Research Staff

Marine Ecology Program

Dr. C. Seabird McKeon 
Research Biologist, 772-462-0998
• Katrina Bayliss 
Research Assistant, 772-462-0992
• Fabio Filla  
Intern, 772-462-0992
• Erin Fryauff  
Research Assistant, 772-462-0992
• Breanna Sipley 
Intern, 772-462-0992
• Janis Spanier 
Intern (Sept - Nov 2014), 772-462-0992
• Michelle Stephens  
Research Assistant, 772-462-0992

Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems Program

• Zachary Foltz  
Station Manager, 772-462-6212
• Michael Scott Jones  
Station Manager, 772-462-6212
• Sherry Reed  
Dive Safety Officer, 772-462-0985

Chemical Ecology Program

Dr. Valerie Paul 
Head Scientist, 772-462-0982
• Dr. Sarath Gunasekera  
Research Chemist, 772-462-0975
• Dr. Jennifer Sneed 
Biologist, 772-462-0988
• Dr. Ana Tronholm 
Biologist, 772-462-6207
• L. J. Houk  
Biological Technician, 772-462-0988
• Lane Johnston  
Intern (June - September)
• Andres Reyes 
Intern (June - August)

Life Histories Program

Dr. Mary E. Rice 
Senior Research Scientist Emeritus, 772-462-0987

Spatial Ecology of Marine Protected Areas Program

Dr. Stephen Box 
Program Coordinator, 772-462-0984
Alicia Bertolotti  
Intern (Oct -Dec), 772-462-0993

Tennenbaum Marine Observatories Network (TMON) employees based at SMS

Dean Janiak  
Biologist 772-462-0991

Visiting Scientists

Dr. Max Teplitski  
University of Florida, (George Burch Fellow) Feb 2012 - Dec 2015

Support and Administrative Staff

SMS employees

• Laura Diederick  
Education Specialist, 772-462-6216
• Joan Kaminski  
Administrative Officer, 772-462-0977
• William (Woody) Lee  
Research Assistant, 772-462-0978
• Julie Piraino  
Laboratory Manager, 772-462-0983
• Sherry Reed 
Research Assistant and Dive Safety Officer, 772-462-0985
• Hugh Reichardt  
Station Manager, 772-462-0986
SERC employees based at SMS

Lorae Simpson  
Biological Science Technician, 772-462-0974

Marine Ecosystems Exhibit Staff

• Neal Asthana 
Marine Technician, 772-465-3273
• William Hoffman  
Ecosystems Exhibit Manager, 772-465-3273
• Tanya Ramseyer 
Intern (Oct 2014 - Jan 2015), 772-465-3273
• Cristin Ryan  
Marine Biology Educator, 772-465-3273
• Sonia Veiga  
Contract Educator, 772-465-3273
• Jasmine Wanek  
Marine Biology Educator, 772-465-3273


Postdoctoral Fellows

• Dr. Justin Campbell  
September 2012 - December 2014, 772-462-0999
• Dr. Iliana Chollett  
July 2014 - July 2017, 772-462-0993
• Dr. Christopher Freeman 
January 2013 - December 2014, 772-462-0989
• Dr. Jessica Lunt 
September 2014 - September 2015, 772-462-0992
• Dr. Shay O'Farrell  
July 2014 - January 2015, 772-462-0993
• Dr. Iris Segura-Garcia  
August 2014 - February 2015, 772-462-0993
• Dr. Nathan Truelove 
January 2014 - October 2015, 772-462-0993

Predoctoral Fellow from SERC - based at SMS

• Megan Riley 
August - December 2014, 772-462-0974

Link Foundation/Smithsonian Institution Graduate Fellows

• Holly Brown 
Dec 2014 - March 2015
• Cheryl Doughty 
June - Aug 2014
• John Paul Kennedy 
June - Aug 2014


• Lynn Holly Sweat  
Indian River Lagoon Species Inventory


John Bauer, Volunteer Chrissy Lucas, Volunteer
Derek Casula, Volunteer Pat Neal, Volunteer
Aimee Cooper, Volunteer Hannah Power, Volunteer
Ronnie DeGarmo,Volunteer Monique Sanchez, Volunteer
Jessica Espinosa, Volunteer Erika Steele, Volunteer
Tessa Falatovich, Volunteer Tom Tasker, Volunteer
John Hallam, Volunteer Eleanor Taylor, Volunteer
Trevor Hogsten, Volunteer Dan Thompson, Volunteer
John Holt, Volunteer Jeanne Tyson, Volunteer
Michael Kaiser, Volunteer Peter Tyson, Volunteer
Charlie Kennedy, Volunteer Abby Watts, Volunteer
Debbie Langley, Volunteer John Yoder, Volunteer
Sandra Less, Volunteer Paul Zervos, Volunteer

Offsite Research Associates and Collaborators

• Dr. J. Antonio Baeza 
Research Collaborator
• Dr. Mark Clementz  
Research Collaborator, University of Wyoming
• Dr. Loren Coen 
Research Collaborator, Florida Atlantic University at HBOI
• Dr. Donna Devlin  
Research Collaborator, Florida Atlantic University
• Dr. Joseph Dineen  
Research Associate
• Dr. Amy Erickson  
Research Collaborator, Louisiana State University at Shreveport
• Dr. Darryl Felder
Research Associate, University of Louisiana-Lafayette
• Dr. Sarah Frias Torres 
Research Collaborator
• Dr. Paul Hargraves  
Research Associate, retired University of Rhode Island
• Dr. Rick Hochberg  
Research Associate, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
• Dr. Charles Jacoby 
Research Collaborator, Indian River Lagoon Nat. Estuary Program
• Dr. Charles (Ed) Proffitt  
Research Associate, Florida Atlantic University
• Dr. Melany Puglisi Weening 
Research Associate, Chicago State University
• Dr. Adelaide Rhodes 
Research Collaborator, Oregon State University
• Dr. Susan Richardson  
Research Associate, Florida Atlantic University
• Dr. Cliff Ross  
Research Associate, University of North Florida
• Dr. Scott Santagata  
Research Associate, Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus
• Dr. Koty Sharp 
Research Collaborator, Eckerd College
• Dr. Judith Winston  
Research Associate, Virginia Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce
701 Seaway Drive, Fort Pierce, Florida 34949
Phone 772-462-6220, Fax 772-461-8154

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